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Add unit test for G722/8000 in SDP
Project Member Reported by, Nov 11 2014 Back to list
The G722 audio codec should be advertised as G722/8000, even though it is a 16000 Hz codec. This was fixed in

However, a unit test should be added to verify that the SDP message produced by libjingle contains the correct information.

Project Member Comment 1 by, Nov 11 2014
Labels: Hotlist-Testing Mstone-41
Project Member Comment 2 by, Dec 16 2014
Labels: Area-PeerConnection
Project Member Comment 3 by, Dec 29 2014
Labels: -Mstone-41 Mstone-44 EngTriaged
More SDP stuff for you, John :).
Project Member Comment 4 by, Jan 30 2016
Labels: -Mstone-44 Mstone-50
Project Member Comment 5 by, Oct 5 2016
Labels: M-50
Project Member Comment 6 by, Nov 8 2016
Labels: Pri-3
Project Member Comment 7 by, Nov 11 2016
Labels: -Mstone-50 -M-50
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