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Wrong font and text direction of Hebrew window title in the chooseDesktopMedia window chooser

Reported by, Sep 23 2014

Issue description

The text direction and fonts of titles of windows with hebrew characters display wrong in the window chooser of chrome.desktopCapture.chooseDesktopMedia().

Tested with Chrome 39.0.2150.5

Windows 7 PowerPoint 2013 with title:
בדיקה - PowerPoint (Trial)

Is displayed in the window chooser as (wrong text direction):
(PowerPoint (Trial - בדיקה

On Ubuntu 14.04 Chrome with document.title = 'בדיקה' is displayed with wrong fonts as can be seen in the attached image.

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Comment 1 by, Sep 23 2014

@sergeyu & jiay, could you please help to comment on this?
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Comment 2 by, Sep 23 2014

Status: Assigned

Comment 3 by, Sep 29 2014

Labels: Area-GetUserMedia-Desktop
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Comment 4 by, Jan 7 2015

Labels: -Area-GetUserMedia-Desktop Area-Desktop
In a few languages, for example, Arabic and Hebrew, require a right-to-left perusing heading. The for a DirectWrite text format object, the default reading direction is left-to-right. DirectWrite does not consequently construe the perusing bearing from the region, so you should do this without anyone else's help. But if you need instant help regarding Microsoft Office 365 Support then visit here

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