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Type: Bug

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Race(s) in TransmitMixer.
Project Member Reported by, Aug 11 2014 Back to list
Comment 1 by, Oct 14 2014
Labels: Area-Audio
Project Member Comment 2 by, Dec 3 2014
Labels: -Area-Audio Area-PeerConnection
Project Member Comment 3 by, Dec 11 2014
Labels: -Area-PeerConnection Area-Audio
Tina, is there a reason you moved this out of Area-Audio?
Comment 4 by, Dec 15 2014
Labels: -Area-Audio Area-GetUserMedia
Yes, and I actually think Area-Audio is a confusing label. It is to be used for audio signal processing only. All audio issues that belongs to Tommis team (VoE, audio devices etc.) are assigned GetUserMedia (I was confused to think it was Peerconnection, my mistake).

Project Member Comment 5 by, Apr 20 2015
Tina - does it make sense to take a look at this with the voe work that's now going on?  The issue seems to be in the network part of voe, not capture.
Project Member Comment 6 by, Apr 20 2015
Labels: EngTriaged
Project Member Comment 7 by, Apr 24 2015
Yes, makes sense. 

Jelena, assigning to you to take a look at when we reach the network parts of VoE.
Project Member Comment 8 by, Jul 23 2015
Summary: Race(s) in TransmitMixer. (was: Race in TransmitMixer::OnPeriodicProcess)
Makes sense to rename this one for more races in TransmitMixer (I've a fix that I wanna BUG= to this one). Though I think TypingDetection's one of the less protected, so +cc aluebs@.
Project Member Comment 9 by, Aug 5 2015
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