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Need a method for software scaling
Project Member Reported by, Jun 4 2014 Back to list
Currently, the MediaStreamTrack API suite specifications include mechanisms for changing the device opening settings, e.g. resolution.  However, changing these settings may reopen the capture device.  This may result in long delays (intrinsic to reopening some devices), and other user-visible side effects (e.g. changing field of view).

To allow modifying parameters such as the encoded video resolution and frame rate without delays or side effects, the API suite should include a mechanism for explicit post-capture modification (e.g. software scaling) of tracks.
Project Member Comment 1 by, Jun 4 2014
Does applyConstraints work for this?
The getUserMedia draft seems to imply that a resolution set by applyConstraints propagates back to the source, and hence potentially triggers a field-of-view change.  Therefore, I don't think applyConstraints suffices as currently specified.
Comment 3 by, Dec 17 2014
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