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non-bundled createAnswer uses more than one CNAME

Reported by, May 31 2014

Issue description

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. go to
2. execute `focus.makeConference([]);` in the javascript console
3. check the createAnswerOnSuccess SDP in webrtc-internals, the a=ssrc lines with the cname

What is the expected result?
The CNAME is the same for both audio and video. See and also bullet #

What do you see instead?
Different cnames. Note that attaches audio and video as different streams (i.e. addStream is called twice) for the local media.

What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?
canary, build 274036 on windows 7

Please provide any additional information below.
BUNDLE'd streams (e.g. on apprtc) share the same CNAME.


Comment 1 by, May 31 2014

er... ignore the "bullet#"
Project Member

Comment 2 by, Jun 3 2014

Labels: Area-PeerConnection
Status: Assigned

Comment 3 by, Jun 5 2014

Related to this, adding two streams with different resolutions ( -- in canary) results in different CNAMEs as well (non-bundled at least).

Comment 4 by, Jun 5 2014

ah, different CNAMEs in createOffer as well when multiple video streams are attached.
pc.createOffer(function (offer) {console.log(offer.sdp);}, console.error)
should reproduce that.
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Comment 5 by, Jun 11 2014


Comment 6 by, Oct 16 2014

Labels: Mstone-41 EngTriaged
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Comment 7 by, Jan 7 2015

Labels: -Mstone-41 Mstone-42
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Comment 8 by, Feb 19 2015

Labels: -Mstone-42 Mstone-44
This looks like it's not hitting m42.  Update it if I'm wrong.
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Comment 9 by, Feb 1 2016

Labels: -Mstone-44
Reassigning away from jiayl
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Comment 11 by, Nov 8 2016

Labels: Pri-3

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