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Closed: Aug 4
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adapt_reason does not include CPU if the input resolution is reduced to match the encode target
Project Member Reported by, Mar 22 2014 Back to list
If a webrtc client can scale the input more efficiently than webrtc itself can, then that client may want to observe adapt_reason and, when the adapter downscales due to CPU limitation, also downscale the input to match.  However, this creates a paradox: downscaling the input to match the encode resolution causes adapt_reason to be zero.

Instead, adapt_reason should continue to indicate that it is CPU-limited, until the CPU monitor determines that webrtc is ready to encode at the previous resolution again.

This requires some care, to avoid "ping-pong" between resolutions, if reducing the encode resolution triggers a chain of events that causes other CPU consumption to decrease.  Perhaps webrtc should record any decrease in CPU utilization associated with a decrease in input resolution, so that it does not set adapt_reason to zero until a similar increase could be tolerated.
Project Member Comment 1 by, Mar 25 2014
To clarify, the "ping-pong" problem can in principle also be avoided, for any given scenario, simply by lowering the adapt-up threshold.
Comment 2 by, Oct 14 2014
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Project Member Comment 3 by, Nov 4 2015
This bug hasn't been modified for more than a year. Is this still a valid open issue?
Project Member Comment 4 by, Dec 10 2015
Is this still an issue_
Project Member Comment 5 by, Mar 1 2016
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Project Member Comment 6 by, Dec 1 2016
Anything to do here or shall we close?
Project Member Comment 7 by, Aug 4
Status: Archived
[Bulk edit] This issue was created more than a year ago and hasn't been modified the last six months -> archiving.

If this is still a valid issue that should be open, please reopen again.
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