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Closed: Aug 4
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Remove internal sources from VideoEncoders
Project Member Reported by, Mar 13 2014 Back to list
Instead of specifying internal_source() separately a VideoEncoder should state whether it's providing frames or not.

If it's internal_source(), assert on VideoSendStream input that it's not receiving frames through raw-frame input.
Project Member Comment 1 by, Sep 30 2014
Labels: Area-Video
Project Member Comment 2 by, May 1 2015
 Issue 2855  has been merged into this issue.
Project Member Comment 3 by, May 1 2015
Project Member Comment 4 by, Dec 10 2015
I think the right thing is rather to remove this field when it's not used anymore.

Can you take a look at that?
Project Member Comment 5 by, Dec 16 2015
FYI, it's still in use by at least one product :) Can you hold off a month or three?
Project Member Comment 6 by, Dec 17 2015
Agreed, Noah I'll let you own it. Let me know (reassign) if you want me to clean it up when you're done, I don't think it's a bunch of work.
Project Member Comment 7 by, Dec 17 2015
Summary: Remove internal sources from VideoEncoders
Project Member Comment 8 by, Mar 1 2016
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Project Member Comment 10 by, Aug 4
Status: Archived
[Bulk edit] This issue was created more than a year ago and hasn't been modified the last six months -> archiving.

If this is still a valid issue that should be open, please reopen again.
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