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Memoryleaks Dtls/Srtp by using InitializeSSL and CleanupSSL without doing a call
Reported by, Feb 21 2014 Back to list
What steps will reproduce the problem?
1.webrtc rev. 5462
2.with new implementation acticated opennss 
3.start of application with "InitializeSSL" and shutdown of application with "CleanupSSL"

What is the expected result?
All allocated memory has to be freed.

What do you see instead?

Visual Leak Detector detected 663 memory leaks (95517 bytes).

What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?
webrtc/trunk revision 5462, Windows 7

Please provide any additional information below.

with the corrections in the attached file the memory leaks is 0.

6.4 KB View Download
Project Member Comment 1 by, Feb 24 2014
@jiay, PTAL!
Project Member Comment 2 by, Feb 26 2014

it seems to be a bug inside nss. Could you take a look?

Project Member Comment 3 by, Feb 27 2014

I talked with wtc offline. He offers to fix the problem in NSS upstream. Could you format your change into a patch file to make it easier to port for wtc? 
Comment 4 by, Feb 27 2014

I am an NSS developer. Thank you for reporting the leaks. I filed
an upstream NSS bug report:

Once I have your patch file, I will review it and check it in.
I have copied the patched files to the .zip file. So you can open and copy to your directory. With the nss files I have a problem to generate a .patch file. I hope you can work with this solution.
42.9 KB Download
Project Member Comment 6 by, Jun 6 2014
Wan-Teh, did this get resolved?
Project Member Comment 7 by, Dec 16 2014
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ping wtc@
Project Member Comment 8 by, Dec 17 2014
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Project Member Comment 9 by, Jan 6 2015
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Status: Assigned
Justin, please keep ping Wan-Teh.
Project Member Comment 10 by, Nov 8 2016
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