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Closed: Sep 19
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Type: Bug

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CriticalSectionWrapper should have an AssertAcquired() method
Reported by, Sep 9 2013 Back to list
Came up in CR:
If CriticalSectionWrapper::AssertAcquired() existed then code could be better self-documenting.
CSW::AA() should assert(false) if the lock is not held and be a no-op in NDEBUG mode.
Sample impl in Chromium:
Comment 1 by, Dec 17 2014
Labels: Area-PeerConnection
Project Member Comment 2 by, Jan 6 2015
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Hey, pbos, who owns SystemWrappers?
Project Member Comment 3 by, Jan 7 2015
Everyone, enjoy! :)

Note that we do have (and use) thread annotations in webrtc/base/thread_annotations.h to compile-time enforce that locks are taken. These seem to be enough for us in most cases. I think we can close this bug unless you disagree.

In the example fischman@ pointed to HandleOverrun can be annotated as requiring a lock to be taken which would've solved this in compile-time (better than runtime asserts).
Project Member Comment 4 by, Nov 8 2016
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Project Member Comment 5 by, Dec 14 2016
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Project Member Comment 6 by, Sep 19
Status: Archived
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