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Provide a way for CrOS to signal that there is no input analog gain
Project Member Reported by, Aug 21 2013 Back to list
Some USB/Bluetooth devices don't have an analog gain. CrOS could set the available input slider range to zero to signal that this is the case. If we can communicate this to AGC, it could respond appropriately, such as expanding the range of digital gain.
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This still might be something to look at. Apparently many ChromeOS devices don't have an analog gain slider, and we might want to tailor AGC's digital gain stage appropriately in that case.
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Hola quiero saber como me podrian ayudar a descongelar todos los archivos k tengo restringidos eng triaged ice box no se la verdad x k tengo todas essas etiquetas o restricciones alguien me podria ayudar con eso por favor selos agradeceria mucho almenos quiero saber de que se trata este documento

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