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Serialize createOffer/createAnswer/setLocalDescription/setRemoteDescription
Project Member Reported by, Aug 19 2013 Back to list
According to section 4.3.1, these async operations (createOffer/createAnswer/setLocalDescription/setRemoteDescription) should be serialized, which is not done in Libjingle.

Project Member Comment 1 by, Sep 23 2013
Labels: -Mstone-31 Mstone-32
Project Member Comment 2 by, Nov 8 2013
Labels: -Mstone-32
Project Member Comment 3 by, Oct 7 2014
Labels: -Pri-2 Pri-3
Comment 4 by, Oct 16 2014
Labels: Mstone-41 EngTriaged
Project Member Comment 5 by, Jan 7 2015
Labels: -Mstone-41 Mstone-42
Project Member Comment 6 by, Feb 19 2015
Labels: -Mstone-42 Mstone-44
This looks like it's not hitting m42.  Update it if I'm wrong.
Project Member Comment 7 by, Feb 1 2016
Labels: -Pri-3 -Mstone-44 Mstone-52
Project Member Comment 8 by, Feb 1 2016
Labels: Spec-W3C
Project Member Comment 9 by, Oct 5 2016
Labels: M-52
Project Member Comment 10 by, Nov 8 2016
Labels: Pri-3
Project Member Comment 11 by, Nov 11 2016
Labels: -Mstone-52 -M-52
Hola ya estoy aquĆ­ gracias 
Project Member Comment 13 by, Nov 11 2016
Pthatcher, I think this belongs in your team (since deadbeef wrote most of the spec on how it should behave).

Project Member Comment 14 by, Nov 11 2016
I think we need to be more clear about what's represented by this bug. These operations *are* serialized, but I the issue is that they're serialized along with every single other operation (including, say, reading the label of a data channel).

What's missing right now is an async operations queue which is separate from the signaling thread task queue. Meaning I could call a synchronous method while an asynchronous one is still in progress.
Project Member Comment 15 by, Nov 11 2016
My interpretation of the bug is that the Javascript operations need to behave as specified in the document - all the stuff about createOffer() followed by addTrack() resulting in a predictable offer (with or without the track) and so on.

If the serialization that follows from the current implementation matches that, the bug is fixed once we have the tests written that show that we do. If it doesn't, there's ohter work that needs doing.
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Comment #15 is correct.
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