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provide a way to run subjective audio NACK tests
Project Member Reported by, Jul 11 2013 Back to list
As noted in  bug 1601 , audio NACK functionality was recently added. To give us a quick subjective way to test this in future releases, it would be nice to have a way to test this using the existing voe test apps. Some ideas:

1) In voe_cmd_test
1a) add a menu item to toggle audio NACK
1b) add a menu item to toggle packet loss

2) In voe_auto_test, when starting a loopback call, add some of the same parameters that are already present in vie_auto_test, such as:
2a) start rate
2b) protection method (none, FEC only, NACK only, NACK & FEC)
2c) packet loss
2d) delay

Those ideas aren't mutually exclusive. In the end, what I would like is to be able to run this subjective test using the existing voe* test apps:

a) Start a call (loopback or P2P), introduce packet loss
b) With NACK disabled, you should hear NetEQ effects (e.g. audio "stretching")
c) With NACK enabled, you should hear fewer NetEQ effects
Project Member Comment 1 by, Jul 15 2013
Status: Assigned
voe_cmd_test could use a serious overhaul. But at least 1a) should be easy to add for now. You could then test by dropping packets with a network tool as usual.

Turaj, could you look at adding 1a?
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Tell me what this all means
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