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Status: Archived
Closed: Aug 2017
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Pri: 2
Type: Enhancement

Blocked on:
issue 1151

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NTP based render timestamps at the receiver

Reported by, Apr 17 2013

Issue description

To match the sender where the capture timestamps now are specified based on NTP, we should also specify render timestamps based on NTP on the receiver.

Comment 1 by, May 14 2013

Blockedon: webrtc:1151
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Comment 2 by, Aug 27 2013

Labels: Dev-QAReview-NA
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Comment 3 by, Jun 7 2014

Ronghua, has this been addressed?

Comment 4 by, Jun 9 2014

If I understand this correctly, this is about the render timestamp (controls when to display the frame). In that case, no.
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Comment 5 by, Jun 10 2014

Since we moved webrtc capture timestamps to be NTP based, we figured it would make sense to also have the render timestamps be NTP based. Given the recent discussions about capture timestamps etc, I think this is still up for discussion and should be reevaluated before we do any more work.

Comment 6 by, Oct 15 2014

Labels: Area-Render Area-Video
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Comment 7 by, Dec 10 2014

Labels: EngTriaged Mstone-43
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Comment 8 by, Mar 31 2015

Should we move the milestone?
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Comment 9 by, Apr 7 2015

Labels: -Mstone-43 Mstone-45
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Comment 10 by, Dec 1 2015

Labels: fixit
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Comment 11 by, Dec 4 2015

Labels: -Mstone-45 Mstone-49
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Comment 12 by, Dec 8 2015

Labels: -fixit
Owner: ----
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Comment 13 by, Jan 29 2016

Labels: -Mstone-49
Status: Available (was: Assigned)
This bug has no owner, so I'm removing the milestone label. mflodman@, feel free to "reschedule" this for a future milestone.
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Comment 14 by, Mar 1 2016

To Erik for triaging.
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Comment 15 by, Feb 1 2017

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Comment 16 by, Aug 4 2017

Status: Archived (was: Available)
[Bulk edit] This issue was created more than a year ago and hasn't been modified the last six months -> archiving.

If this is still a valid issue that should be open, please reopen again.

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