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Status: Archived
Closed: Nov 7
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Pri: 3
Type: Bug

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Verify correct DTMF operation in NetEq4
Project Member Reported by, Mar 27 2013 Back to list
There is currently some confusion whether all DTMF operations are carried out correctly or not.

We need proper unit-testing for a number of different cases. Also, the code in the method NetEqImpl::DoDtmf should be verified – the special case with dtmf_switch == true in particular.

This issue is used to track progress.

Project Member Comment 1 by, Mar 27 2013
CL is related to this issue.
Project Member Comment 2 by, Oct 14 2013
Labels: -Pri-2 Pri-3
Project Member Comment 3 by, Dec 4 2013
Labels: Area-SignalProcessing
Project Member Comment 4 by, Oct 30 2014
Labels: EngTriaged IceBox
Project Member Comment 5 by, Nov 4 2015
This bug hasn't been modified for more than a year, and the CL mentioned in #1 did land soon after it was sent for review. Is this still a valid open issue?
Project Member Comment 6 by, Nov 5 2015
Yes. Issue is still referred in the code.
Project Member Comment 7 by, Oct 5 2016
Components: Audio
Project Member Comment 8 by, Oct 5 2016
Components: -SignalProcessing
Project Member Comment 9 by, Nov 7
Status: Archived
[Bulk edit] This issue hasn't been modified the last twelve months -> archiving.

If this is still a valid issue that should be open, please reopen again.
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