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Closed: Aug 2013
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issue 1493

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Add support for Reliable data channels in chrome.
Project Member Reported by, Feb 27 2013 Back to list
Currently we support unreliable data channels in chrome. 

Project Member Comment 1 by, Feb 27 2013
Comment 2 by, Mar 2 2013
What Milestone is this feature targeted for?
Project Member Comment 3 by, Mar 10 2013
Blockedon: webrtc:1493
Labels: Mstone-27
Comment 4 by, Apr 1 2013
Labels: Area-PeerConnection
Comment 5 by, Apr 3 2013
Labels: -Pri-2 -Mstone-27 Pri-1 Mstone-28
Project Member Comment 6 by, May 11 2013
Labels: -Mstone-28 Mstone-29
Any estimate on a possible time frame for reliable data channels? Thanks!
Comment 8 by, Jul 15 2013
Yeah, I second Sophia's comment. An estimate of when this change will land would help us out a ton!
SCTP datachannels are now set as a flag in the canary builds, so a couple of release cycles as an educated guess
Labels: -Mstone-29 Mstone-30
Project Member Comment 11 by, Aug 13 2013
Status: Fixed
SCTP landed behind a flag in M30.
How do you create a reliable channel with the current API?

Setting reliable to true in the example does not seem to do the trick.
I did that like so
sendChannel = pc1.createDataChannel("sendDataChannel", {reliable: true});

I am on "31.0.1613.1 (Virallinen koontiversio 219906)" and I have the #enable-sctp-data-channels flag turned on.

Comment 13 by, Aug 29 2013
+1, I've tested the same and didn't work.
"Version 31.0.1613.1 canary Aura"

I have no issues (with or without #enable-sctp-data-channels enabled, not sure what the expected behavior is without that flag on) on ( ).

I also tested it without the try/catch around it and it still works.
Sam Erb
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Comment 15 by, Sep 3 2013
Here's an example of how to transfer binary data (transfers a PNG file) over an SCTP datachannel (attached). 

Note: there is a problem with large files at the moment. They result in an error "Uncaught SyntaxError: An invalid or illegal string was specified.".
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Yeah, I was able to get it to work also with large files: slicing the files into small packets, pushing them to a queue, and then sending the packets one by one at a given frequency with timeout. The transfer is slow, but seems to work without errors.
Comment 17 by, Sep 4 2013
#15: Note: there is a problem with large files at the moment. They result in an error "Uncaught SyntaxError: An invalid or illegal string was specified.".

I get the same error with small chunks, on unreliable channel with sctp disabled on  version 31.0.1620.1  (In stable it doesn't happen)
Try to make a queue of chunks, and send a chunk (1000 bytes max) every 500ms.
There might actually be a bug here that is causing some confusion(certainly isn't what I expected) - with RtpDataChannels:true enabled in Canary(31.0.1638.2) a datachannel that is created with reliable:true will not fail, but will return an non-reliable datachannel (with reliable:false). 
Should I file a new bug for that?
Comment 20 by, Sep 22 2013
Maybe it would worth to open a new issue, but getting RtpDataChannels as
deprecated and removed in the mid-term, I don't think anybody will try to
fix it...
El 22/09/2013 18:29, <> escribi
I would like to take back my previous comment (#14). Due to the problem I described in #19, I incorrectly thought that because a channel did not fail to startup, it was reliable when it was not.

Once I fixed the problem I had in #19 (removed "RtpDataChannels:true") I have been unable to create a sctp reliable datachannel in Canary(31.0.1638.2). 

2 issues I'm seeing here:
1) If I create a datachannel before onicecandidate, the channel close is triggered (without error!) by setRemoteDescription during the receiveAnswer phase. This works in Firefox Nightly 27.0a1 (checked that channel.reliable == true).
2) The demo code above (posted in #15) creates the datachannel during onicecandidate. Not really sure why though. It connects, but leaves the datachannel in a "connecting" readyState. I tested this locally.

Comment 22 by, Sep 24 2013
Thanks for the info. Turns out there was a bug that was only letting sctp
data channels get setup successfully if the create call happened
during the onicecandidate
call. This should be fixed in the next few days.
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