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Status: Archived
Closed: Aug 25
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OS: All
Pri: 3
Type: Feature

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Can only capture from a single microphone at a time
Reported by, Nov 15 2012 Back to list
What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Capture from microphone 1 via ptrVoEHw->SetRecordingDevice(index1)
2. Capture from microphone 2 via ptrVoEHw->SetRecordingDevice(index2)

What is the expected result?
Two streams of captured data from different microphones would be nice

What do you see instead?
It stops recording the first device (see VoEHardwareImpl::SetRecordingDevice())

What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?
3.12 branch (stable).  Linux (though this applies to all)

Project Member Comment 1 by, Nov 16 2012
I think this is expected. 
A number of usecases for getUserMedia rely on multiple simultaneous inputs (camera or mic).  Currently, if you want to support more than one stream of a media type using the codebase, you want to create two separate instances of the entire stack, which is sub-optimal and also may make synchronizing them painful (or at least annoying).
Comment 3 by, Dec 17 2014
Labels: Area-Mic
Project Member Comment 4 by, Jan 7 2015
Labels: -Area-Mic Area-GetUserMedia-Mic
Project Member Comment 5 by, Jan 7 2015
Labels: -Area-GetUserMedia-Mic Mic
Project Member Comment 6 by, Nov 1 2016
Components: Audio
Project Member Comment 7 by, Dec 1 2016
Labels: OS-Linux
Owner: ----
Is this still a valid bug?
Project Member Comment 8 by, Dec 1 2016
Components: -Audio Mic
Project Member Comment 9 by, Dec 1 2016
Labels: -Type-Bug Type-Feature
Status: Available
It is valid. We cannot do this. Changing type to feature request though.
Cool yo

Kyle and merissa brady.gslides
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Project Member Comment 11 by, Apr 28 2017
Labels: -Pri-2 -OS-Linux OS-All Pri-3
As stated earlier, it is not a bug but a known (by design) limitation. Assigning an owner but no work is planned currently.
Comment 12 Deleted
Project Member Comment 13 by, Aug 25
Status: Archived
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