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Priority: 2
Type: Bug

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Wrong evaluation order for keyed lookup

Project Member Reported by, Jun 25 2015 Back to list

Issue description

  'language/expressions/assignment/S11.13.1_A7_T1': [FAIL],
  'language/expressions/assignment/S11.13.1_A7_T2': [FAIL],
  'language/expressions/assignment/S11.13.1_A7_T3': [FAIL],

One example:

assert.throws(TypeError, function() {
  var base = null;
  var prop = {
    toString: function() {
      $ERROR("property key evaluated");
  var expr = function() {
    $ERROR("right-hand side expression evaluated");

  base[prop] = expr();

null is not a valid object so we should not do the ToName for prop

Comment 1 by, Jun 26 2015

Also see which might result in a spec change.
Status: PendingFurtherInfo
Waiting for spec resolution
Related: v8:4248
Labels: Test262Failures
Status: Available (was: PendingFurtherInfo)
Marking as 'Available' as PendingFurtherInfo makes it not open, but this is still an issue to resolve.
Labels: -test262failures Hotlist-test262

Comment 6 by, Apr 7 2016

Owner: ----
The conclusion from the most recent TC39 meeting is that the spec will remain as-is. SpiderMonkey is working to move to the specced behavior (which they already supported for increment/decrement, but not for compound assignment), which should give us a bit more confidence that no real code depends on this.
Labels: SpecViolation-Backlog
Labels: Priority-2

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