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Status: Duplicate
Merged: issue 90
Owner: ----
Closed: Jun 2015
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Chrome/V8 Array.Sort()-Implementation behaves weird (other than IE/FF) at this testcase

Reported by, Jun 16 2015

Issue description

Version:  43.0.2357.124
OS: Windows 7 (seems not to be dependant, tried on osx 10.10 too)
Architecture: x64

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Create a json-objects containing an array of objects with Datestrings, e.g. "/Date(1389682861507+0100)/"
2. use Sort-implementation on this array to remove some of the objects
3. see the outcome

What is the expected output / What do you see instead?

in IE(10, 11) and FF (38.0.5) for my testcase (SEE BELOW) it's:

"test1, test8, test2, test9, test3, test10, test4, test11, test5, test12, test6, test13, test7, test14,"

but in latest chromeversion it is: 

"test8, test1, test9, test2, test10, test3, test4, test11, test5, test12, test6, test13, test7, test14,"

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So, finally: Here's the stackoverflow-thread describing the problem in better terms I think:

and here is a fiddle containing the test-case:


Comment 1 by, Jun 16 2015

even weirder: If you only use objects 1 to 10 in the fiddle, the result is as expected....
This looks related to the unspecified stability of the sort algorithm. arv@ et al, is it worth it to try to have the stable property of the sort algorithm match spidermonkey/chakra for web compat, or just leave it?
Mergedinto: 90
Status: Duplicate

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