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LiveEdit leaves closures in incorrect state.
Project Member Reported by, Sep 5 2013 Back to list
If edit to closure changes heap context structure in outer function (for example, when closure starts to access variable from outside, that previously was used only locally), it leaves code of other closures untouched. That will expect the old scope structure, while it is in fact new.

This can cause incorrect program behaviour or a crash.
JS unit test that demonstrates the problem:

Debug = debug.Debug

"function TestFunction() {\n"
+ "  var a = 'a';\n"
+ "  var b = 'b';\n"
+ "  var c = 'c';\n"
+ "  function A() {\n"
+ "    return 2013;\n"
+ "  }\n"
+ "  function B() {\n"
+ "    return String([a, c]);\n"
+ "  }\n"
+ "  return B();\n"
+ "}\n"

var res = TestFunction(); 
assertEquals('a,c', res);

var script = Debug.findScript(TestFunction);
var new_source = script.source.replace("2013", "b");
var result = Debug.LiveEdit.SetScriptSource(script, new_source, false, []);

var res = TestFunction(); 
assertEquals('a,c', res); // This currently fails.

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