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Issue 2356 alert() + prompt() + confirm() family extension proposal
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Status: Invalid
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Closed: Apr 2015
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(This is feature request)

I am a big fan of minimalism UI approach. Whenever possible I always use browser embedded UI elements connected to alert(), prompt(), confirm() methods. Plus the one connected to Basic Auth protocol (though it is not a JS element).

I feel that there is one such embedded method missing since the wide adoption of AJAX. Namely modal activity indicator or progress bar. I propose pioneer implementation of this feature in Chromium engine.

I see it as a method say "wait()" which calls modal window similar to alert() with indefinite rotating indicator or optionally percentage progress bar. In the main script once in a while signals to the modal window can be sent to update percentage bar until last signal "stop" which removes modal window.
Status: Invalid
alert() and friends are features of the browser, not of the JS engine. Also, V8 is not tied to being used in a browser, it is pretty much agnostic of its embedder. The V8 bug tracker is therefore not the right place to discuss proposed changes in this area.

As far as personal opinions are concerned, I'm not a big fan of modal dialogs in general. They tend to be highly annoying, and they're definitely more intrusive than non-blocking alternatives. Browsers have never needed to show a modal "please wait patiently for the next several minutes, and don't you dare trying to do anything in the meantime!" popup while they were loading stuff in the background.
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