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Issue 2328 arguments.callee.caller.arguments isn't bind to caller's arguments
Starred by 1 user Reported by, Sep 9 2012 Back to list
Status: Duplicate
Merged: issue 222
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Closed: Sep 2012
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Consider the following:

function change(args) {
	console.log(args[0]); // returns "Doesn't work..."
	args[0] = "It works!";
	console.log(args[0]); // returns "It works!"
function test(a) {
	console.log(a); // returns "It works!"
test("Doesn't work...");

This works, the directly passed arguments object is linked to the function's arguments. But accessing it via callee.caller doesn't work, as shown here.

function change() {
	console.log(arguments.calle.caller.arguments[0]); // returns "Doesn't work..."
	arguments.calle.caller.arguments[0] = "It works!";
	console.log(arguments.calle.caller.arguments[0]); // returns "It works!"
function test(a) {
	console.log(a); // returns "Doesn't work..."
test("Doesn't work...");

I'm pretty sure that this behaviour isn't intended and the magic link should work with arguments.calle.caller.arguments as well.

Thanks for your time,
Jan Buschtöns
Mergedinto: 222
Status: Duplicate
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