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Feature request - DTrace probes for Developers(first!) & Sys Admins :)

Reported by, Sep 7 2012 Back to list

Issue description

DTrace probes for V8 which would benefit Node.js and Chrome (Canary Only?).

1. Create basic D Scripts based on probes in an application 
  - Performance Analysis 
  - Javascript Application Analysis.

2. Enhance Chrome Developer tools with visualizations (ie. XCode's Instruments) with DTrace probes.
Status: PendingFurtherInfo
V8/Chrome already has a set of performance tools that we put to use every day, and the list is growing. We would of course welcome contributions, given a clean implementation.
Yes, Chrome is the leader in performance tools in the browser. It is my preferred browser for development. Using Dtrace can offer a deeper level of inspection into a developer's application behavior in the v8 runtime, with other pieces of software (Java Hotspot, MySQL, Apache) and/or in the operating system (disk i/o, filesystem, network, etc).

While it is easy to pick up DTrace concepts and "D" scripting language, I've quickly noticed a hurdle of implementing DTrace is a developer's knowledge of each specific application, library or kernel module. Those best suited for adding the probes are those most familiar with each app or module behavior as they know where best to place the probes. I would love to contribute but it may be awhile before I am able to do so. In the mean time, please take this as my humble suggestion inorder to open up a discussion.

I'd like to see:
1. DTrace probes added to v8 (and other parts of chrome)
2. The ability in Chrome developer tools to access DTrace
    - Webkit could add probes too.
3. Users are able to create chrome extensions for realtime visualizations of DTrace data
    - DTrace currently does require root access to use, which may be a problem
    - I'm very impressed with the visualizations Joyent (SmartOS) and Apple XCode Instruments have been able to achieve using DTrace (and can be used safely on production systems!!)

Visualization examples:

Other DTrace Benefits:
- Enhances Debugging
    - Joyent has been able to find performance issues and bugs in numerous applications that they do NOT develop internally
   - can reduce time finding performance issues in any level of the OS.

- Inspect other parts of your software stack
     - Java, Ruby and other Dynamic languages (running locally)
     - MySQL,Apache

- Developer Education
  - learn kenral module behavior
  - patterns in latency
  - teach about v8 behavior using D scripts and visualizations

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