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Priority: 2
Type: Bug

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JSLinux bootup is slow.

Reported by, May 17 2011

Issue description

 * Chrome 11.x: OK
 * Firefox 4.x: OK
 * Chrome 12.x: FAIL
 * Chrome 13.0.761.0: FAIL
 * Chrome 13.0.767.1: FAIL

Steps that will reproduce the problem?
1. Open

What is the expected result?
The line "Welcome to JS/Linux" should be shown sooner in Chrome than in Firefox.

What happens instead?
On Chrome 11 it seems to be slower than Firefox and in Chrome 12/13 it doesn't show up.

Possible workaround:

Any additional information:
As mentioned on the above cited URL: "A troubling thing is that the PC emulator is about 2 times slower using V8 than Jaeger Monkey (I used the 32 bit version for both). I have no precise explanation yet because I only looked at the Jeager Monkey code so far."
Status: Assigned
I'll have a look.
We identified the problem. It is a bug in the optimizing compiler of V8.

Comment 3 by, May 21 2011

Seems to run in Chrome 13.0.771.0 (Canary).
Works fine in 13.0.772.0 (Dev, Windows)
Referring to Comment 3 and 4: The noticable speed difference between Chrome and Firefox remains, tested with Chrome 13.0.773.0 (Official Build 86248) canary.
Chrome 12 (beta, Windows) should also work fine.

We're still working on speed improvements.
Works correctly in 64-bit Chrome 12.0.742.124 on Linux (Fedora 15). However, it was much slower than 64-bit Firefox on the same machine:

Firefox:  5.970s
Chrome:   9.626s
Status: Fixed
Chrome 35 boots in 6.3 seconds
Firefox boots in around 10 seconds.

I think we are OK.
Owner: ----
Status: Accepted
Summary: JSLinux bootup is slow. (was: PC emulator is about 2 times slower using V8 than Jaeger Monkey)
Slava says that this is probably because Firefox regressed, not because we got better.

Maybe we should turn this into a benchmark of some sort.
Firefox regression described here:

Comment 11 by, Apr 29 2015

Status: Available
Labels: Type-Bug run Performance
Labels: -run Area-Runtime Priority-Medium
Labels: Priority-2

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