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Closed: Oct 2008
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Priority: 2
Type: Bug

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Use inner global object for function lookup
Reported by, Oct 21 2008 Back to list VisitCall, for case 'foo(1,2,3)', the global proxy object 
is used as receiver for both method lookup and invocation. This has 
performance overhead because method lookup on the proxy object needs 
security checks.

This can be improved by using the JSGlobalObject for method lookup, and 
pass JSGlobalProxy as 'this' to invocation.

There's also a 10-15% performance regression on function call intensive benchmarks, 
because of the indirect way we load the global receiver before calling functions (the 
split window change added one extra level of indirection). This should be resolved 
Comment 2 by, Oct 23 2008
Status: Fixed
Fixed on bleeding_edge branch in revision 607.
Labels: Priority-2
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