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  135 Defect Accepted Icebox ---- Font Skia and FreeType  
  228 Defect Accepted Icebox ---- Clipping Expanding clips on layers + certain xfer modes leads to unexpected results.  
  237 Feature Started Low ---- PDF [PDF] The PDF backend does not support SkMaskFilter.  
  238 Feature Accepted Low ---- PDF SkPDF backend does not support SkColorFilter.  
  240 Feature Accepted Icebox ---- PDF [PDF] The PDF backend does not support drawVerticies.  
  249 Feature Accepted Icebox ---- PDF [PDF] The PDF backend does not support SrcATop, DstATop, or Xor xfermodes.  
  254 Performance New Icebox ---- PDF [PDF] Possible improvements to SkPDFGraphicState  
  260 Feature Accepted Icebox ---- PDF [PDF] The PDF backend does not have an interface to specify rotation.  
  270 Idea Accepted Low ---- Docs extend coding style guidelines to cover Python as well as C++  
  359 Idea Started Low ---- Docs SampleApp needs documentation  
  431 Idea New Low ---- ---- Handling of SkPath* return parameters is inconsistent  
  517 Defect Accepted Medium ---- ---- radial gradients with tiny stops expose short comings of color table lookup  
  543 Enhancement ---- Low ---- Build wrap libjpeg-turbo.gyp from Chrome's libjpeg port, rather than making our own copy  
  562 Defect New Medium ---- Bitmap Masks and SkBitmapProcShader don't play nice  
  580 Defect Accepted Low ---- ---- support drawing to devices > 32K  
  873 Defect Accepted Medium ---- Clipping clipPath calls far from origin on huge canvases erroneously report empty clip  
  915 Defect Accepted Icebox ---- Font SkScalerContext needs a lcd filter.  
  927 Defect Accepted Medium ---- Bitmap GM::blend does not draw if we change drawSprite to drawBitmap  
  943 Defect Accepted Medium ---- PDF [PDF] xfermode SrcIn and SrcOut don't really work  
  953 Defect New Medium ---- PDF gm modecolorfilters seems to have bad PDF output  
  1036 Idea Accepted Low ---- Geometry path-length thoughts  
  1058 Defect Accepted Low ---- ---- Ensure getConstantColorComponents() is tested for all effects with non-trivial implementations.  
  1131 Idea ---- Icebox ---- Infrastructure ---- Create shim adaptor for Chrome histograms inside Skia  
  1132 Idea ---- Icebox ---- Font ---- Log glyph cache statistics to drive benchmark development  
  1187 Idea New Low ---- Font Enhancement for alpha correction and LCD filtering  
  1209 Defect New Low ---- Clipping Tile grid clipping problems  
  1227 Performance Unconfirmed Low ---- ---- Hairline rendering may touch the same pixel twice Performance  
  1254 Idea Accepted Medium ---- Font Can we reduce the complexity of our SkAdvancedTypefaceMetrics API?  
  1271 Defect Accepted Medium ---- PDF Potential dereference of uninitialized data (or NULL) in SkPDFDevice::drawPosText and drawText.  
  1272 Defect Accepted Medium ---- AndroidFramework skia and -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 do not play nice  
  1287 Defect Accepted Low ---- PDF [pdf] [gm] strokerect bad result in pdf  
  1312 Defect Accepted Low ---- ---- SkLerpXfermode needs a GPU backend GoodFirstBug  
  1317 Defect New Medium ---- Font Bitmap-only font scaling?  
  1330 Enhancement Accepted Low ---- ---- Bottleneck in SkGlyphCache::VisitCache  
  1333 Defect Accepted Medium ---- ---- Performance difference in drawlooper with multiple blurs  
  1341 Defect Accepted Medium ---- API Debugger backend cleanup  
  1367 Defect Accepted Medium ---- ImageFilter Break SkMorphologyImageFilter into multiple passes  
  1368 Defect Accepted Medium ---- ---- antialiased stroke-rects that are thin draw wrong  
  1409 Defect Accepted Medium ---- Font Add "resource" budget notion to glyphcache  
  1430 Defect Accepted Low ---- ---- GiantDashBench is consuming > 35MB of data  
  1431 Defect New Medium ---- PDF Color and mask filters are not supported by the PDF backend  
  1437 Defect Accepted Medium ---- Infrastructure MIPS Infrastructure Bots  
  1445 Defect New Medium ---- Bitmap Prescaling images loses subpixel precision in translation  
  1473 Defect Accepted Medium ---- AndroidNext DrawText is not working when you apply Matrix.setPolyToPoly  
  1536 Defect Accepted Medium ---- AndroidFramework, PDF SkCanvas::saveLayer flags are not respected by PDF backend  
  1538 Enhancement Accepted Low ---- ---- Add support for MapBufferRange  
  1557 Defect Accepted Low ---- PDF [PDF] Increase raster effects resolution  
  1574 Defect ---- Low ---- ---- ---- ScaleTransDoubleMatrixBench benchmark is doing its math in float  
  1579 Defect Accepted Medium ---- Font Thread which calls CreateCompatibleDC thread must live as long as the DC.  
  1627 Defect New Medium ---- ImageFilter DrawFilter should be able to set ImageFilter on the paint  
  1648 Defect New Medium ---- Font SkTypeface::CreateFromName() return NULL when font is not found (linux)  
  1654 Defect Accepted Medium ---- Font GDI FontHost does not control GDI fake bolding.  
  1660 Defect Accepted Medium ---- PDF GM: start exercising PDF code on Android and ChromeOS  
  1665 Defect New Medium ---- ---- Perspective view testing  
  1671 Defect Accepted Medium ---- Font Text skew on vertical text oddly affects advances.  
  1692 Defect New Medium ---- PDF shadertext2_pdf-poppler GM test flaky on Test-Mac10.7-MacMini4.1-GeForce320M-x86-Release  
  1762 Enhancement Accepted Medium ---- AndroidFramework Make SkPath::getGenerationID return a value that is independent of the fill type.  
  1838 Defect Accepted Medium ---- ---- Hairline roundrects not smooth on Xoom in GPU config  
  1853 Performance ---- Icebox ---- GPU DX11 ANGLE emulates triangle fan support  
  1892 Defect New Medium ---- Infrastructure assertion failures in SampleApp when scaled  
  1896 Defect Accepted Medium ---- Font kEmbolden and already bold.  
  1899 Defect Accepted Medium ---- Font Quick reject glyphs drawn from paths sooner.  
  1924 Defect Accepted Medium ---- ---- The clipped-bitmap-shaders-* family of tests draw quite differently in GPU and CPU backends  
  1959 Defect Accepted Medium ---- Bitmap SkBitmapSource returning 565 config?  
  1986 Defect Accepted Low ---- PDF gm:shadertext2 failures on PDF  
  2059 Feature New Low ---- Build Add Windows Phone 8 Support  
  2071 Defect Accepted Medium ---- Font Skia's fake bold requires no-hinting.  
  2122 Defect New Low ---- ---- Canvas maximum size >32767px  
  2129 Defect Accepted Medium ---- Clipping Move SkRaster clip computation to SkBitmapDevice  
  2269 Defect Accepted Low ---- ImageFilter Document and test ImageFilter factories  
  2327 Defect Accepted Medium ---- Font Add detection of typefaces that contain color glyphs  
  2341 Defect Accepted Medium ---- ---- GM crashing on matriximagefilter on Mac 10.6  
  2385 Idea Accepted Low ---- Docs Document Skia in Android  
  2391 Defect New Icebox ---- API Hide SkMallocPixelRef  
  2408 Defect Accepted Low ---- ---- Software 2pt Conical Gradient Bug When Circles just not Touching  
  2510 Feature New Low ---- Infrastructure Gold: perceptual diffs?  
  2639 Feature Started Medium ---- Infrastructure display link to graphical GM results from CompareGMs failure message  
  2650 Defect Accepted Medium ---- ---- Drawing A8 onto A8  
  2664 Idea New Medium ---- Font Move text-related SkPaint properties into SkFont  
  2668 Idea Accepted Icebox ---- Font, GPU Share more code between SkDraw and GrBitmapTextContext  
  2679 Defect Accepted Medium ---- Infrastructure Add a Windows clang asan bot. NewBotRequest  
  2687 Defect Accepted Medium ---- Font generate test typeface for gm and other tests  
  2715 Defect Accepted Medium ---- Geometry path bounds round inconsistently  
  2716 Defect Started Medium ---- AndroidFramework Replace calls to sprintf with calls to snprintf GoodFirstBug  
  2717 Defect Accepted Medium ---- Bitmap chrome homepage archives create very large pictures  
  2718 Defect Accepted Medium ---- ---- drawing many skps in parallel threads blocks in scalable bitmap cache  
  2734 Defect Accepted Medium ---- ImageFilter resizeimagefilter and imageresizetiled draw cropped when drawn from a picture using a bounding box hierarchy  
  2740 Defect Accepted Medium ---- Clipping SkCanvas::updateClipConservativelyUsingBounds is not conservative  
  2750 Defect Accepted Medium ---- GPU, Infrastructure GL and GLES on Android  
  2759 Defect Accepted Medium ---- GPU filterbitmap_checkerboard_192_192.png differs on gpu, ios  
  2760 Defect Accepted Medium ---- GPU gpu downsamplebitmap_checkerboard_high_512_256.png differs on iOS  
  2761 Defect Accepted Medium ---- ---- cpu doesn't support bleed feature  
  2767 Defect Accepted Icebox ---- ---- windows XP chrome bot fails on call to InterlockedIncrement64  
  2790 Idea Accepted Low ---- Docs Document how to run Chromium try bots on a Skia change  
  2801 Idea Accepted Medium ---- Playback, Record SkPicture should have an offset/origin  
  2821 Defect New Low ---- ImageDecoder JPEG images appearing black when opened  
  2822 Defect Accepted Medium ---- ---- Incorrect bounds calculations when using SkImageFIlter + SkBBoxHierarchy  
  2840 Defect Accepted Medium ---- Font Text flakes on Win8 in DM  
  2860 Defect Accepted Medium ---- GPU Test-Android-Nexus10-MaliT604-Arm7-Release generates erroneous GMs  
  2861 Defect Accepted Medium ---- ---- debug message in bench