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drawing many skps in parallel threads blocks in scalable bitmap cache
Project Member Reported by, Jul 2 2014 Back to list
To repro, fetch many skps from the cloud. First create a place to hold the skps:

  sudo ln -s /Your/Skps/Test/Location /skps
  mkdir -p /skps/slave1/All/1e5dfa4-4a995df
  sudo ln -s /Your/SkpOut/Test/Location /skpOut

Then use either of these to fetch some number skps (gsutil less reliable, but fileutil only works on Linux with prodaccess). Interrupt the copy after you have gotten some number.

  gsutil cp gs://chromium-skia-gm/telemetry/skps/slave1/All/1e5dfa4-4a995df/* /skps/slave1/All/1e5dfa4-4a995df

  prodaccess -g
  /google/data/ro/projects/cloud/bigstore/fileutil_bs cp /bigstore/chromium-skia-gm/telemetry/skps/slave1/All/1e5dfa4-4a995df/http___www_freshstarcasting_com_.skp /skps/slave1/All/1e5dfa4-4a995df

Finally, patch your local Skia with the skpclip test 

  git cl patch 352003003

Build and run

  ninja -C out/Debug pathops_skpclip
  ./out/Debug/pathops_skipclip -d 1

Observe the thread utilization using your favorite system monitor. If you run and break in gdb or lldb (or run under Visual Studio on WIndows) you'll see that only two or three threads run, the remaining are waiting on the bitmap scalable cache mutexes.
Project Member Comment 1 by, Jul 2 2014
whoops, edit the instructions above for the fileutil copy -- as written, it only copies one file. It should have read:

  prodaccess -g
  /google/data/ro/projects/cloud/bigstore/fileutil_bs cp --parallel_copy 32 /bigstore/chromium-skia-gm/telemetry/skps/slave1/All/1e5dfa4-4a995df /skps/slave1/All/1e5dfa4-4a995df

Project Member Comment 2 by, Jul 2 2014
or even

  prodaccess -g
  /google/data/ro/projects/cloud/bigstore/fileutil_bs cp --parallel_copy 32 /bigstore/chromium-skia-gm/telemetry/skps/slave1/All/1e5dfa4-4a995df/* /skps/slave1/All/1e5dfa4-4a995df
Project Member Comment 3 by, Dec 7 2015
Labels: Hotlist-Fixit
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