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Area: Bitmap
Priority: Medium
Type: Defect

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chrome homepage archives create very large pictures
Project Member Reported by, Jul 2 2014 Back to list
Three skps in the latest million set are 100M or larger. The largest is over 800M.

Bitmaps are uncompressed in the skp.
The bitmaps could be compressed by picture record, or the picture could contain the original jpeg/png/gif.

It looks like the same bitmap is included uncompressed repeatedly in the skp with different clips in at least one of the cases.

To copy these files to your local ~/Downloads directory, either use

gsutil cp gs://chromium-skia-gm/telemetry/skps/slave82/All/1e5dfa4-4a995df/http___www_freshstarcasting_com_.skp ~/Downloads
gsutil cp gs://chromium-skia-gm/telemetry/skps/slave84/All/1e5dfa4-4a995df/http___www_bakerbynature_com_.skp ~/Downloads
gsutil cp gs://chromium-skia-gm/telemetry/skps/slave17/All/1e5dfa4-4a995df/http___www_hothyipsmonitor_com_.skp ~/Downloads

or from a Linux box:

prodaccess -g
/google/data/ro/projects/cloud/bigstore/fileutil_bs cp /bigstore/chromium-skia-gm/telemetry/skps/slave82/All/1e5dfa4-4a995df/http___www_freshstarcasting_com_.skp ~/Downloads
/google/data/ro/projects/cloud/bigstore/fileutil_bs cp /bigstore/chromium-skia-gm/telemetry/skps/slave84/All/1e5dfa4-4a995df/http___www_bakerbynature_com_.skp ~/Downloads
/google/data/ro/projects/cloud/bigstore/fileutil_bs cp /bigstore/chromium-skia-gm/telemetry/skps/slave17/All/1e5dfa4-4a995df/http___www_hothyipsmonitor_com_.skp ~/Downloads

Project Member Comment 1 by, Jul 2 2014
It would be interesting to see the archive in order to debug. We do attempt to encode the bitmaps; see . I'm guessing Chrome's encoders failed for some reason. 
Project Member Comment 2 by, Jul 2 2014
Ravi, can you attach the archives (and/or send me the instructions on how to do so myself?)
Project Member Comment 3 by, Jul 7 2014

The webpage archives are available here-

* For freshstarcasting:

* For bakerbynature:

* For hothyipsmonitor:

How I found the archives:
* Download gs://chromium-skia-gm/telemetry/csv/top-1m.csv
* Search for rank of freshstarcasting in top-1m.csv
* Get the archive from google storage using the rank:
Project Member Comment 4 by, Oct 14 2014
Labels: Area-Bitmap
Project Member Comment 5 by, Dec 7 2015
Labels: Hotlist-Fixit
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