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Status: Started
Area: Infrastructure
Priority: Medium
Type: Feature

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display link to graphical GM results from CompareGMs failure message
Reported by, Jun 4 2014 Back to list
When CompareGMs fails, there should be a URL users can click on to view the image diffs.

Ideally, that link will lead to the results AS OF THAT RUN of the bot (this will be particularly useful for trybots).
But it will be useful as an interim step to show a link to the most recently run image diffs on that same builder.

For example, failed.  Next to its "stdio" link, it should provide a link to the most recent image failures on this builder:,no-comparison,succeeded&hiddenConfigs=&builder=Test-Ubuntu12-ShuttleA-GTX660-x86-Release&test=
Comment 1 by, Jun 4 2014
Email discussion:


epoger says:

Any idea what the best way is for me to add a link (pointing at the live rebaseline_server, with some builder-specific arguments) to the CompareGMs result when there is a mismatch?

(I'm guessing the "logs" is a good place to put it, so it shows up on both the CompareGMs buildstep page [1] and the build page [2] underneath CompareGMs.)

I see that the logs are displayed within this template:

Should I mess with the logs in commandComplete() within , or somewhere else?

Or is "logs" the wrong place entirely?



borenet replies:

Let's start with printing a link in the log in some predictable format, like:

View results at: https://blahblah.blah

If it's not sufficient to have that printed in the log, you can add a get_props_from_stdout to that BuildStep, something like:
get_props_from_stdout={'gm_results_link': r'View results at: (.+)'}

Would that work?  Another advantage there is that the link would then be part of the build properties, which makes it easily accessible to anyone using the master's JSON interface.
Comment 2 by, Jun 4 2014
Status: Started
I tried Eric's suggestion in ('on CompareGMs failure, show link to most recent results on this builder') , and ran into some problems.  Under review...
Project Member Comment 3 by, Jun 5 2014
The following revision refers to this bug:

commit b24fb55b5de58c2b34ad762bf59b56befaff350c
Author: epoger <>
Date: Thu Jun 05 13:29:43 2014 -0700

on CompareGMs failure, show link to most recent results on this builder



Review URL:

Comment 4 by, Jun 9 2014
I figured out how to display the "latest GM failures" link in its own line underneath the build step (as a "peer" of the "stdio" link, rather than a build property that applies to the whole build run).  That CL is at .

But I'm not going to land that change, at least for now... there are some performance concerns, etc. (see the CL for details) so I think it's best to just stick with what we have for now, in terms of where the link shows up.

I still want to make the link point at failures FROM THIS SPECIFIC RUN of the bot.  That's more important than exactly what spot in the UI the link shows up at.
Comment 5 by, Aug 18 2014
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Comment 6 by, Aug 20 2014
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Comment 7 by, Aug 21 2014
assigning CorrectnessTestsOnBuildbots bugs over to Eric; see
Project Member Comment 8 by, Oct 20 2014
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Assigning to stephana@
Project Member Comment 9 by, Dec 7 2015
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