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Type: Feature

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Add Windows Phone 8 Support
Reported by, Jan 17 2014 Back to list
I want to build Skia library on Windows Phone 8 (or on Windows Store app).
I have already build it on Windows (via this link

Please help me to do it. How to build SKIA on Windows Phone 8?

Project Member Comment 1 by, Jan 17 2014
Labels: -Type-Defect -Priority-Medium Type-Enhancement Priority-Low
Summary: Add Windows Phone 8 Support (was: How to build SKIA on Windows Phone 8?)
Question was posed and answered on skia-discuss list, but we can keep this as a feature request for Win Phone 8 support.  As mentioned, there are some challenges related to font support and it will be lower priority to other tasks at this time.
thank you for answer. is there a link to that question?
oh yes) it is my post too) thnk you for trying help me.
Project Member Comment 5 by, Aug 28 2014
Labels: -Type-Enhancement Type-Feature
Project Member Comment 6 by, Oct 9 2014
Labels: Area-Build
Project Member Comment 7 by, Dec 7 2015
Labels: Hotlist-Fixit
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