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Status: Accepted
Area: Font
Priority: Medium
Type: Defect

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Quick reject glyphs drawn from paths sooner.
Project Member Reported by, Dec 13 2013 Back to list
In SkDraw::drawPosText the first thing a 'proc' does is do a quick reject based on glyph bounds. However, SkDraw::drawPosText_asPaths does not appear to be doing so which leads to the path being scaled and then the bounds being discovered and being rejected much later (and after much work).

Project Member Comment 1 by, Sep 22 2014
Labels: Area-Font
Project Member Comment 2 by, Dec 7 2015
Labels: Hotlist-Fixit
Project Member Comment 3 by, Mar 2 2016
There are a number of places where forward matrix transforms could be avoided if the device clip was projected into source space. However, since it isn't done anywhere (as far as I know) in Skia, I wonder if it is that big a win. Are there any metrics that show that this is a performance problem?
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