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shadertext2_pdf-poppler GM test flaky on Test-Mac10.7-MacMini4.1-GeForce320M-x86-Release

Reported by, Sep 30 2013

Issue description

In , we see:

[ ] 1 IgnoredExpectationsMismatch: lumamode_pdf-mac.png 
[*] 1 ExpectationsMismatch: shadertext2_pdf-poppler.png 
[ ] 61 MissingExpectations
[ ] 1064 Passed

This test has been flaky.  Look at , and see that it's been flipping between success and failure over builds 1208-1219.

I don't know if it is limited to this platform, or more widespread.

Here's its most recent failure (I don't know if it is always failing the same way or not):

1. go to
2. select Test-Mac10.7-MacMini4.1-GeForce320M-x86-Release from the drop-down
3. exactly one failing test:
    (text in all rows is filled)
    (text in bottom 2 rows is not filled)

Comment 1 by, Sep 30 2013

Platforms where I DO see this flakiness:

Platforms where I do NOT see this flakiness (some have flakiness on OTHER tests, but not this one)

Comment 2 by, Sep 30 2013

I have committed ('Ignore flaky shadertext2_pdf-poppler tests on Mac-10.7 Release builds')
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Comment 3 by, Jan 8 2014

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Comment 4 by, Oct 9 2014

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Comment 5 by, Dec 7 2015

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