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Perspective view testing

Project Member Reported by, Sep 20 2013

Issue description


I created a CL to apply perspective on all GMs (run it without pdf, so far pdf does not supports perspective so it asserts)

there are 2 gms that are crashing, and one that does not show the same results for 8888 and GPU (see inverse_path)

I am thinking of a "cheap" way to test perspective: GM + Perspective should be very close to "Image from gm" + perspective (and ignore the bounds)

The results of the GM+Perspective should be at least once manually analyzed


Comment 1 by, Sep 23 2013

Status: New
Edi, I'm afraid your report provides more HINTS at information than information itself.

1. Please provide a link to your CL

2. Which 2 gms are crashing?  Please paste in or attach the output that leads you to believe they are crashing.

3. What do the inverse_path results look like?  You've already run it, so can you please attach the 8888 and GPU images to this bug?

4. Can you please re-explain what you mean by "GM + Perspective should be very close to "Image from gm" + perspective (and ignore the bounds)"?  What exactly are you proposing?
Project Member

Comment 2 by, Sep 23 2013



3) attached

4) If I run the gm normally, and we apply perspective on the resulted image, it should be similar with the image outputed if i run the gm with the perspective flag
15.4 KB View Download
15.4 KB View Download
Project Member

Comment 3 by, Sep 23 2013

It appears that they draw differently in GPU vs 8888 without perspective as well.

Comment 4 by, Sep 23 2013

Fleshing out comment 3:

1. Go to
2. Select Test-Ubuntu12-ShuttleA-ATI5770-x86-Release from the drop-down
3. Search for inverse_paths
3a. 8888 output:
3b. gpu output:

As Brian noted, the 8888 and gpu outputs look different (in the same way that the ones Edi attached do), even without perspective applied.
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Comment 5 by, Oct 24 2013

update, there are 3 gms that crash

the diffs are expected, but the crashes need to be fixed

to repro the crash run the gm with --forcePerspectiveMatrix, as the flag is checked in
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Comment 6 by, Oct 31 2013

and xfermodes3
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Comment 7 by, Mar 19 2014


Comment 8 by, Aug 18 2014

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Comment 9 by, Dec 7 2015

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