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Status: New
Area: ImageFilter
Priority: Medium
Type: Defect

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DrawFilter should be able to set ImageFilter on the paint
Reported by, Sep 12 2013 Back to list
Right now it doesnot work.

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Project Member Comment 1 by, Sep 12 2013
Project Member Comment 2 by, Aug 27 2014
Labels: Area-ImageFilter
Project Member Comment 3 by, Jan 29 2015
Don't understand the title of this issue. What is the bug/request?
Project Member Comment 4 by, Jan 29 2015
As stated in the code review, drawfilter can modify many settings on the paint, but apparently not the image filter.

If you think the current behavior is correct, feel free to mark as wontfix
Project Member Comment 5 by, Jan 29 2015
How about this: SkCanvas needs to respect the "filtered" paint, including any changes to imagefilters. Today when we inspect the paint, we look to see if it has an imagefilter *before* we call the filter, thus ignoring it if the filter were to add one.

Seems valid, tho perhaps low-priority.
I think I'd be even happier if we could eliminate DrawFilters all together ... :)
Project Member Comment 6 by, Jan 29 2015
Derek, do you think we can deprecate DrawFilter? I know Android currently supports it.
Project Member Comment 7 by, Jan 29 2015
It is exposed in the SDK and with a quick search it is used by both the Launcher and Settings in the OS and undoubtedly by other 3rd party apps.  However, ImageFilters are not exposed through the Android SDK so this bug itself does not directly impact Android though its removal would.
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