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Area: Font
Priority: Icebox
Type: Idea

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issue 1131

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Log glyph cache statistics to drive benchmark development
Project Member Reported by, Feb 27 2013 Back to list
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Project Member Comment 1 by, Feb 27 2013
Blockedon: skia:1131
Labels: -Type-Defect Type-Enhancement
Summary: Log glyph cache statistics to drive benchmark development (was: Log glyph caceh )
If we interface to Chrome's UMA histograms (qv, we can start collecting statistics on glyph cache usage in the wild.

Let's start with cache size and number of pages in use, if we can figure those out; other suggestions are welcome.
Project Member Comment 2 by, Feb 27 2013
Status: New
Chrome has a semi-redundant "glyph cache" in WebKit; we may not understand well enough how much of that is used and how it ties into the Skia glyph cache.

Right now two statistics are logged:

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Project Member Comment 5 by, Jul 16 2015
Labels: -Priority-Medium Priority-Icebox
Project Member Comment 6 by, Oct 5 2016
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