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Closed: Jun 2014

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PDF viewer doesn't display links in status bar on hover
Project Member Reported by, Jun 1 2011 Back to list
The PDF viewer doesn't display external URLs in the status bar on hover.  The native viewer does.  Note that internal links, that is links that point in the current PDF, don't show up on the native viewer either.

1) Find a PDF with embedded external links (e.g.,
2) hover over an external link in the file
3) observe no URL displays in the status bar on hover
Project Member Comment 1 by, Jun 1 2011
Reporter, could you suggest a milestone (e.g., M14, M15, etc.) and assign?
Project Member Comment 3 by, Jun 17 2011
Labels: Mstone-14
Status: Available
Labels: Mstone-15
Mstone 14 passed for NaCl; pushing forward to Mstone 15.
Labels: -Mstone-14
Status: Assigned
Project Member Comment 7 by, Jun 17 2014
Status: Obsolete
We don't have PDF running in NaCl currently.
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