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Status: Fixed
Closed: Jan 3

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Issue 826: ios_deployment_target defaults to 11.0 and doesn't support 32bit

Reported by, Nov 1 Project Member

Issue description

With Chromium DEPS roll I see that 32-bit iOS builds are no longer supported because the new default is ios_deployment_target="11.0".

So there are some options for libyuv:
1) Override to 10.0
2) Drop 32-bit iOS support

For now I'm assuming that (1) is preferred, but either one works.

Meanwhile, WebRTC sets this to 9.0:

Comment 1 by, Nov 1

Project Member
The following revision refers to this bug:

commit 1440d8ac1a3e2ce81312452486737e632b32fe6b
Author: Oleh Prypin <>
Date: Thu Nov 01 10:07:43 2018

Pin ios_deployment_target = "10.0" to unblock DEPS roll

Bug:  libyuv:826 
Change-Id: Ib47fa183615deaf870af9a9740ad9e8454f19941
Reviewed-by: Patrik Höglund <>
Commit-Queue: Oleh Prypin <>


Comment 2 by, Nov 2

Project Member
I'm in favor of dropping iOS 32 bit support.

But whatever webrtc does, is generally the answer.

Comment 3 by, Jan 3

Project Member
Status: Fixed (was: Accepted)

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