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Issue 4 msvs_precompiled_source doesn't play well with msvs_settings
Starred by 8 users Reported by, Apr 26 2009 Back to list
Status: WontFix
Owner: ----
Closed: Jan 9

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In the case where msvs_precompiled_source is used simultaneously with 
msvs_settings, the two can clash because msvs_precompiled_source assumes that 
only a single source file will be listed. In general there should only be a 
single one, but failing with a mysterious string collision error is not a 
good failure mode. We should either support multiple, or complain more 
Project Member Comment 1 by, Aug 6 2009
Project Member Comment 2 by, Aug 6 2009
Should be a simple matter of adding an error message for this particular case.
Project Member Comment 3 by, Aug 18 2009
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Project Member Comment 6 by, Jan 9
Status: WontFix
This is ancient, closing.

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