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Issue 124 Chrome libs variable has 15 copies of -lpthread
Starred by 7 users Project Member Reported by, Dec 2 2009 Back to list
Status: Accepted
Owner: ----

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1) Generate a chrome/ with gyp+make.
2) Look at the LIBS variable.
3) Giggle at the 17 instances of -lpthread.
Comment 1 by, Dec 2 2009
Seeing as I pointed this out (Thanks for filing it Evan), I'll volunteer to take a
look at it.  No promises though: I'm still quite the noob.
Comment 2 by, Dec 4 2009
Having done some investigation, I do not think this is worth fixing right now.

There is a specific exception in gyp so that any items in a list that are prefixed by
"-" are not treated as singletons when merging lists.  This is a good thing: there
are some situations with some linkers where libraries may need to be listed more than

Further, at least with GNU ld, there does not seem to be any appreciable slowdown
when linking with the extra libraries listed.

That said, I'm sure we can do better (it can't really be necessary to repeat "-lrt
-lpthread" a dozen times at the end of the libraries list) but it probably is not
worth fixing until we run into a linker that suffers from such a command line.
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