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Status: WontFix
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Closed: Sep 2010

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Windows 2000 support: Windows minidump writer without DbgHelp!MiniDumpWriteDump

Project Member Reported by, Nov 17 2006

Issue description

DbgHelp.dll is not guaranteed to be present on Windows 2000.  It's
redistributable, but rather than shipping a dll (and all of that bloat), we
can write the minidumps out ourselves.  We already have a minidump writer
class (#72).  All we need to do is tie it in to the Windows exception
handler.  We will continue to use MiniDumpWriteDump from DbgHelp.dll when
it is available, but will fall back to our own minidump-writing code when
it is not.
Project Member

Comment 1 by, Nov 17 2006

Summary: Windows 2000 support: Windows minidump writer without DbgHelp!MiniDumpWriteDump
Project Member

Comment 2 by, Nov 17 2006

Correction: Windows 2000 has a DbgHelp.dll (5.0) that does not implement
MiniDumpWriteDump.  MiniDumpWriteDump is in DbgHelp.dll 5.1 (Windows XP).  The
function may also be found in some other WinDbg packages.

Comment 3 by, Feb 27 2007

To me it seems better to stick with own implementation of minidump writer. What if
minidumps of DbgHelp are incompatible between releases? On the other side ability to
read native windows minidump files and import this information into breakpad space is
very useful.

Comment 4 Deleted

The quickest fix seems to be copying DbgHelp.dll (version 5.1.2600.2180 or greater)
into the program directory. That is a common fix for some programs and games that
also demand MiniDumpWriteDump from DbgHelp.dll and therefore fail to run under
Windows 2000 if no newer version of DbgHelp.dll is installed.

This works only if a program is compiled with MS Visual Studio.

Comment 7 Deleted

At least it works here for me. I am able to submit Breakpad crash reports under
Windows 2000 for the Mozilla Firefox nightly builds.

Project Member

Comment 9 by, Sep 24 2010

Status: WontFix
I don't think this is something we should fix. Windows 2000 is no longer supported by Microsoft, and Chrome already doesn't support running on it, and Firefox will no longer support it post-version 4.0. 

Plus, shipping the DbgHelp.dll is an acceptable workaround for anyone else using Breakpad.

4 years later it is no more actual, indeed.

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