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In Mac "version" detection, support fallback to bundle's Info.plist when "version" is otherwise blank or ""

Reported by, Jun 4 2009

Issue description

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Crash a product that has frameworks, plug-ins, or other bundles loaded
2. Inspect the "version" field of the processed crash report from step 1

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

Currently, many plug-ins, frameworks, and most other bundle-type code have
their "version" detected as either blank or "", e.g. this crash
report from Camino 2.0b3 with Breakpad r344:
(click on the "Modules" tab to see the files and versions)

Notice that the version entry for Camino is blank, and that the version
entries for various NPAPI browser plug-ins (JavaEmbeddingPlugin, Flip4Mac
WMV Plugin, Flash Player, VLC Plugin) and various other
bundles/InputManager hacks (LCC Scroll Enhancer Loader, GearsEnabler,
1PasswdIM, LCC Scroll Enhancer, OnePasswdCamino) are "".

It would be very helpful (both in determining whether the external code was
an older version--and possibly allowing developers to contact the user to
suggest an upgrade--and in being able to work with cooperative external
developers) if, when Breakpad's "version" code detected one of these
less-useful values, it supported falling back to the bundle's Info.plist
for the CFBundleVersion, CFBundleShortVersionString, or the like instead.

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