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Closed: Dec 2015

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User setting to disable all email notifications
Reported by, May 30 2011 Back to list
It would be great it there was a way (in the user settings) to disable all email notifications going a user account.

Our Jenkins bot is using an account to watch all new changes and mark them as Verified -1 when they fail our unit tests (Verified 0 otherwise) and so that account ends up being subscribed to every single change. We don't want to receive any emails to the address it uses.
As a temporary work-around, I've done this in the DB:

UPDATE accounts SET preferred_email = '' WHERE account_id = 1000018;
Project Member Comment 2 by, Jun 7 2011
Status: Accepted
Comment 3 by, Feb 7 2012
Customizing the level of report may be more useful:
 - New changeset
 - Waiting for code review
 - Submitted
 - Failed
Comment 4 by, Feb 19 2014
Is there any solution for this problem, we are very interested about.
will be very useful some kind of plugin or settings to be able to filter or change subject line. For example we get emails from automated tests when it passes or fails which fills up with quite a few automated test bots.
Comment 6 by, Jun 28 2014
To disable email notifications is one of the most requested features of our users. They get tens of mails every day and mostly delete these mails unread. It would be great if a user can customize in his user settings which kind of notifications he will get.
They only want to be informed about unusual events (change got label -1,-2) or merge to target branch fails and user must do a manual action.

Link to change submitted for disabling all email notifications:

Project Member Comment 8 by, Jul 15 2014
Status: ChangeUnderReview
Labels: FixedIn-2.13
Status: Submitted
Comment 10 by, Dec 29 2015
1. When version 2.13 will published ?
2. If i update the email as offered as work-around is this may cause git problem ? 
Project Member Comment 11 by, Sep 22 2016
Status: Released
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