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Status: Released
Closed: Nov 20
ReleasedIn: 516.0

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Layout for 12+ labels pushes file list far below the fold

Reported by, May 1 2018

Issue description

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What steps will reproduce the problem?

What is the expected output?
Dashboard with pending/incoming/submitted changes

What do you see instead?
no immediate issue.

Please provide any additional information below.

Problems start when going to a particular change.
See gerrit.png (old ui) and gerrit_new.png (new ui) for explicit differences.
What jumps first is the shear unreadability of the new ui.
It's divided into three columns, with inefficient use of space. The right column has way too many entries, with a "Show more button".
The left column takes way too much space to display the reviewer and approval information.
The center column is more than 70% blank, and that's for a descriptive changelist. A "Fix Build" patch will contain one line.

The MAIN issue is that from this view, I don't see the files. I have to scroll down which is a terrible design, since files is the most important part of a changelist. It makes any patch much less obvious and confusing.

Other things are cosmetic, e.g text seems to take twice as much space, at the minimum I would expect parameters similar to gmail (default/comfortable/compact), which I guess takes time to get used to.

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Comment 1 by, May 1 2018

Labels: Restrict-View-Google
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Comment 2 by, May 1 2018

Marked restrict-view-google because of screenshots and URLs for internal projects.
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Comment 3 by, May 1 2018

Labels: Hotlist-ChangeMetadata UX-Incoming Triaged-Yes Priority-3
Summary: Layout for 12+ labels pushes file list far below the fold (was: new gerrit UI is bad)
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Comment 4 by, May 3 2018

 Issue 8903  has been merged into this issue.
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Comment 5 by, May 3 2018

Labels: -Priority-3 Priority-2
I think we should come up with a stopgap solution for this before the June 4 deadline when we remove the option of using the GWT UI from

Arnab, you've said you wanted to plan an incremental approach to the layout changes you're working on. This seems like one good area to focus on in the immediate term.
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Comment 6 by, May 3 2018

Yes Logan, that makes sense.
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Comment 7 by, May 4 2018

Issue 8919 has been merged into this issue.
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Comment 8 by, May 7 2018

 Issue 8921  has been merged into this issue.
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Comment 9 by, May 15 2018

Labels: -UX-Incoming UX-Current
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Comment 10 by, May 22 2018

 Issue 8975  has been merged into this issue.
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Comment 11 by, May 31 2018

 Issue 9117  has been merged into this issue.
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Comment 12 by, Jun 1

Description: Show this description
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Comment 13 by, Jun 1

Labels: -Restrict-View-Google
Removing RVG as this issue has had quite a bit of traffic and the scrubbed description is adequate for the issue.
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Comment 14 by, Jun 7

 Issue 9197  has been merged into this issue.
This is a really frustrating UX—so frustrating I continually switch back away from PolyGerrit despite the insistent “This UI is going away“ modal dialogs.
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Comment 16 by, Jun 7

Status: Started (was: New)
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Comment 17 by, Jun 11

Status: ChangeUnderReview (was: Started)
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Comment 18 by, Jun 11

For those interested -- the plan here is to replace the existing label display and submit requirement section with chips that have hovercards. This takes up significantly less vertical space, and also makes the UI more useful at-a-glance.
Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 3.27.42 PM.png
99 KB View Download
Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 3.29.14 PM.png
106 KB View Download
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Comment 19 by, Jun 11

Will that work in mobile and tablets?
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Comment 20 by, Jun 13

Status: Submitted (was: ChangeUnderReview)
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Comment 21 by, Jun 18

ReleasedIn: 515.0
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Comment 22 by, Jun 20

ReleasedIn: 516.0
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Comment 23 by, Jun 20

Status: AwaitingInformation (was: Submitted)
We've had to roll back this solution due to  Issue 9283 .

I've implemented a slightly different fix that uses screen real-estate slightly better on medium-to-small screens [1] [2] -- I'd love to hear if this UX has made life a bit easier for this specific pain point. 

[1] Change:
[2] Demo:
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Comment 24 by, Jun 25

Ping! Would love some feedback on Gerrit's current state.
It's a clear improvement! For our 14-label project I can now see the first changed file without scrolling. I would like to see more changes in this same vein, though, as it's not yet as usable as the old UI and still has a ton of whitespace
Same exact sentiment on my part(looking back at ag/4281895) - seems much more compact now which is great, though still not quite at the level as it was in the old UI
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Comment 27 by, Jun 27

Labels: -Priority-2 Priority-3
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Comment 28 by, Jul 30

Hi all,

Please have a look at these mocks! Notably, we've:

- Modified the label and submit requirements layout to be more dense (already live)
- Removed all information in the "Change metadata" section (above the labels) not pertinent to accounts (reviewers, assignee, owner, etc etc)
- Placed that information in a bar right below the change number/status/title to allow it to better occupy horizontal space

How do you all feel about these changes? Any and all feedback is appreciated!
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Comment 29 by, Jul 30

Also of note: any bits of information you see left out of these mocks (strategy, for instance) is _not_ going away in the actual UI -- it's just left out of these specific mocks.
I support these changes
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Comment 31 by, Jul 30

I also support those changes, they look really nice!
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Comment 32 by, Jul 31

+1, these changes looks nice.

Took me a while to understand that the strange link "am-<UUID>" appearing in image #3 is actually the topic you added in the step before.

Comment 33 Deleted

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Comment 34 by, Sep 17

The  Issue 9723  may be related for the re-design of the change screen. The question is where the signed push verification result icon should be shown?
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Comment 35 by, Nov 20

Labels: FixedIn-2.16
Status: Released (was: AwaitingInformation)

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