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Closed: Sep 26

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Issue 8202: Current patchset information missing from event stream on 'private-state-changed' to public

Reported by, Jan 23 2018

Issue description

When making a review public ('Unmark private' button pressed), the data sent to the event stream is missing current patchset information. When someone updates a review (comment added, new patchset, etc.) current patchset information is included in the event stream for that event. It should also include that information when a review is made public.

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Make a review private (click mark private button)
2. ssh <user>@<gerrit server> gerrit stream-events
3. Unmark a review private (click Unmark private button)

Expected output:
Details about the review, including current patchset information.

Actual output:
The details of the review come back, but they don't include current patchset information.

Additional comments:
The lack of current patchset information requires our tools to do another separate gerrit query via ssh. If someone is making the review public, then current patchset information should be included in the event stream.

Comment 1 by, Jan 23 2018

This behavior is seen in Version 2.15-stable (bf8c5c33de)

Comment 2 by, Jan 29 2018

Project Member
Components: Backend

Comment 3 by, Aug 3

Project Member
Status: ChangeUnderReview (was: New)

Comment 4 by, Sep 26

Labels: FixedIn-2.15.4
Status: Submitted (was: ChangeUnderReview)

Comment 5 by, Oct 1

Status: Released (was: Submitted)

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