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Status: Released
Closed: Apr 2018

issue 7677

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Implement TShirt sizing for changes in the dashboard and change-view

Project Member Reported by, Nov 30 2017

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Comment 1 by, Nov 30 2017

Blocking: 7677
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Comment 2 by, Dec 18 2017

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Unassigning from me and putting into triage queue -- I don't think we ever really discussed implementing this beyond the abstract "let's do it, it would be nice to have".
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Comment 3 by, Jan 2 2018

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We definitely want to move to to-shirt sizing for the overall change. We can keep the size definition simple, like Critique.
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Comment 4 by, Feb 14 2018

Do we have mocks for this?
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Comment 5 by, Feb 14 2018

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Comment 6 by, Feb 14 2018

I'm mostly concerned about dashboard view, which is already heavily crowded.
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Comment 7 by, Feb 14 2018

Status: AwaitingInformation (was: Accepted)
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Comment 8 by, Feb 14 2018

Status: Accepted (was: AwaitingInformation)
We do, yes. See the latest mocks in Gallery (Google internal only). It's up to us to define the sizes.
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Comment 9 by, Feb 14 2018

Ah, found it. Thanks!

Basically, it's to replace concrete numbers with a generic S, M, L, XL etc
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Comment 10 by, Feb 14 2018

So, TShirt sizing is based on the following paper:

And here's the first approximation, lines changed to the size:
0 => U
9 => XS
49 => S
249 => M
999 => L
else => XL

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Comment 11 by, Feb 14 2018

Also, can't find mocks for change-view with the sizing - is this still relevant?
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Comment 12 by, Feb 14 2018

It is definitely still relevant. You should consult with Arnab as to where this should go, and what it should look like.
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Comment 13 by, Feb 22 2018

We've discussed this with Arnab and here's the plan:
1. Sizing as per Comment 10 looks good for the start - ideally we should tune it
2. Dashboards should have TShirt sizing
3. Change view makes less sense to use TShirt sizing, especially when comparing different patchsets, so that might need a bit more thought.
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Comment 14 by, Apr 6 2018

Status: Released (was: Accepted)
Released quite some time ago.
Labels: FixedIn-2.16

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