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Closed: Nov 20

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"Discard" button on review comments is destructive, doesn't have a confirmation prompt and no undo

Project Member Reported by, Aug 9 2017

Issue description

Affected Version:

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Write some comment on a CL
2. Try to hit "Save", miss, and hit "Discard" accidentally

What is the expected output?

I should be able to get my carefully written comment back.

What do you see instead?

The comment contents are destroyed, I need to retype everything. For longer comments, that can cost several minutes.

Please provide any additional information below.

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Comment 1 by, Sep 5 2017

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Comment 2 by, Oct 18 2017

Status: Started (was: New)
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Comment 3 by, Oct 18 2017

Status: ChangeUnderReview (was: Started)
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Comment 4 by, Oct 19 2017

Status: Submitted (was: ChangeUnderReview)
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Comment 5 by, Oct 20 2017

Just tested this with the latest 2.15 build. Works very well, thanks!

Maybe worth noting that it also displays the confirmation dialog after initially saving the comment. :-)
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Comment 6 by, Oct 25 2017

 Issue 7548  has been merged into this issue.
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Comment 7 by, Oct 25 2017

Status: Released (was: Submitted)
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Comment 8 by, Oct 26 2017

Sorry to be a downer, but I strongly dislike the current confirmation dialog. I frequently discard comments as I'm developing a code review, and having to move my mouse far away from the discard button is quite annoying. For me personally, the ratio of intentionally to unintentionally discarded drafts is high.

I completely sympathize with the original problem, however, that discard is unnecessarily destructive. Rather than a confirmation dialog, I would prefer some kind of undo mechanism, such as:
* A toast with an undo button.
* A short inline thing with an undo button
* Prepopulate a new comment box with the old text if you recreate a comment on the same line.
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Comment 9 by, Oct 26 2017

Status: Accepted (was: Released)
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Comment 10 by, Dec 1 2017

The plan is to replace the confirmation with some kind of unobtrusive undo toast.
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Comment 11 by, Nov 20

Status: Released (was: Accepted)
Labels: FixedIn-2.16

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