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allow sorting for all columns

Reported by, Apr 16 2010

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When I'm looking at the list of changes (open or all or whatever), I really 
want to be able to sort on various columns.  I don't see any way to do this 
in the current gerrit.

Comment 1 by, Apr 16 2010

Status: Accepted
Sorting on any given column requires that we have indexes for
every single one so that the database can efficiently range
scan to produce the results.

On smaller installations its no big deal, the sort can of
course take place in memory on the fly, computers are quite
fast at this.  But on larger installations that sort time
can contribute a lot of load to the server.

So thus far we only support sorting the all change lists
by last update time, descending, as that is the only field
we have indexed in the database.

We probably could open this up a bit more, there are a few
other indexes present, but I'd rather focus on things like
search filters or migrating out of SQL onto Git, where the
whole problem of search and sort becomes much more complex.
It would be invaluable to me to be able to sort a topic by the lineage of the commits.
yes, It should be very convenient to sort by branch, owner,projects...
I agree. Sorting a topic by commit order (the same way it's done in git log and tig) would make a lot of sense.
Could you add option for queries and for REST API to specify sort attribute:

is:open project:XXX sort:Update

Comment 6 by, Apr 18 2013

Why not do it on the client (browser) side?

Wikimedia is a good example:

Of course it will only work on the displayed results.

Comment 7 by, Mar 27 2014

Almost 4 years since there's been any productive movement here.

The dashboard search results (under "My Reviews" heading) is sorted the way my reviewers want to see them.  But the view that they get has them sorted by last updated time.  Why should I see them in the correct order, but no one else can?  Is there a way to make a dashboard to get the desired sorting?
This is more than minor IMO.

We sometimes have a rush of reviews coming in and in theory we should start by the oldest one.

But this list is sorted by the new ones so these get tackled first and the older ones get forgotten if no one else is there to push them.

Please do consider this bug as more important than just eye candy.
Vote up! May also/instead of this a possibility to sort DESC by default by setting to get rid of what joel mentioned in comment #8.
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Comment 10 by, Aug 17 2016

Labels: Priority-3
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Comment 11 by, Aug 1 2017

 Issue 6900  has been merged into this issue.
Did anyone managed to find a workaround for this? Even a client side plugin could do the trick, like a Greasemonkey script.
Re workaround: now that there's a # column, you can copy-paste the table into Excel / & sort it there. (Not something I'd do frequently, but if desperate...)

Say, servers are more powerful nowadays anyway right? nudge, wink. :-D (But I suppose repos grow faster than hardware.) 

Is it something that could be enabled by a configuration flag to let users decide? Or would it require a too-fundamental change regardless?

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