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Closed: Sep 2014

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Allow reviewer to make code changes

Reported by, Mar 20 2010

Issue description

I just talked to Tyler about this feature I've always wanted. He showed me 
Gerrit and it looks like this might be something Gerrit could do.

I'd like the reviewer to be able to make code changes. Maybe there's a 
minor style nitpick, and they could just make the change instead of writing 
instructions for the reviewee to do it. Or, they might make a substantive 
comment about an alternate implementation and want to explain it in 
terms of code rather than writing it out as a narrative.

The changes made by the reviewer should appear as just another patch set, 
with their name next to it in the revision history list.

I blogged a longer version of the reasoning for this here:

Comment 1 by, Mar 20 2010

Status: Accepted
We might be able to embed Bespin or something.

Comment 2 by, Mar 23 2010

You should also note that reviewers are (generally) allowed to upload a new patch set 
to someone else's change (unlike Rietveld where they'd need to create a new review).

Comment 3 by, Mar 23 2010

Which is one reason why its OK for us to also offer an online
editor directly in the browser.  After the edit is complete the
reviewer has just "uploaded" a new patch set onto the review.

It seems that this feature (Allow reviewer to make code changes) is available in gerrit.
Can you please let me know the link to change which was submitted for this feature.

Comment 5 by, Jun 16 2014

Imho even the review-screens in 2.9 don't allow you to edit sourcecode-files directly. See:
Project Member

Comment 7 by, Sep 10 2014

Labels: FixedIn-2.11
Status: Submitted
Status: Released

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