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Closed: Dec 2016

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Change reviewer suggests members without project access since 2.13
Reported by, Oct 6 2016 Back to list
After upgrading to 2.13, I started noticing that the "Add Reviewer" dialog
started suggesting users that were not suggested before, in particular
users without access to the related project.

Affected Version: 2.13.1

What steps will reproduce the problem?

 1. Have a setup with different user groups allowing access to different
    projects, ex group "internals" for internal_project and group
    "externals" for external_project.

 2. Open a change in internal_project, Add Reviewer, start typing.

 3. Observe suggestion of all Externals member.

What is the expected output?

 I don't think members of a group without access to a project appeared 
 before gerrit 2.13. It would make sense they don't appear.

What do you see instead?

 A list of all accounts matching the typed text, even those without 
 access to the project.

Please provide any additional information below.


Project Member Comment 1 by, Dec 18 2016
Project Member Comment 2 by, Dec 19 2016
 Issue 5160  has been merged into this issue.
Same issue appears to be a problem for the assignee field.

Project Member Comment 4 by, Dec 20 2016
 > Same issue appears to be a problem for the assignee field.

Right, but this requires a different fix. I filed issue 5181 to track this separately.
Project Member Comment 5 by, Dec 20 2016
Labels: FixedIn-2.13.5
Status: Submitted
Status: Released
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