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Issue 4631 Watched Projects are gone on 2.12->2.13 upgrade
Starred by 1 user Reported by, Sep 25 Back to list
Status: Submitted
Owner: ----
Closed: Sep 26

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Affected Version: 2.13

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Set watched projects in 2.12
2. Upgrade to 2.13

What is the expected output?
Watched Projects should persist.

What do you see instead?
They don't.

Project Member Comment 1 by, Sep 26
Yes, I observe the same here. The watched projects list in the web UI is empty, and filtering in is:watched returns an empty list.
Looking at the db, the ACCOUNT_PROJECT_WATCHES table seems to be filled correctly.
Project Member Comment 2 by, Sep 26
My guess is that this may be related to migrate account watches to git) (and not being merged yet).

If this is the case, try setting user.readProjectWatchesFromGit to  false in gerrit.conf
hmm... Then I guess false should be the default then?
Project Member Comment 4 by, Sep 26
Probably. My test confirms that setting user.readProjectWatchesFromGit to false does fix the missing watches.
Same here. Forgot to mention.
Project Member Comment 6 by, Sep 26
Status: ChangeUnderReview
Yes, the default setting for user.readProjectWatchesFromGit is wrong, it should be 'false'.

Fixed in:
Project Member Comment 8 by, Sep 26
Labels: FixedIn-2.13.2
Status: Submitted
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