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Issue 4563 Emails should be batched when being sent to multiple reviewers/cc
Starred by 1 user Project Member Reported by, Sep 14 2016 Back to list
Status: Released
Closed: Oct 31

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Currently, when you specify multiple reviewers in the reply dialog, an individual email is sent to each one.

It should behave like an email compose dialog, with one email being sent to all recipients. This would allow users to see who else is on the review based on just the email.
Project Member Comment 1 by, Oct 4
Labels: Milestone-Chromium-Fishfood
Basically, we should be emulating Critique’s behavior.
Project Member Comment 2 by, Oct 11
When I look at emails I receive from Gerrit-review, I see all the reviewers listed in the To and CC lines.

Sometimes the salutation only includes one name (sometimes it's mine, but not always). This may give the impression that the email is individual when it isn't.

I may be missing something, though. Are un-batched emails still definitely being sent?
Project Member Comment 3 by, Oct 11
I’ve seen threads where another email was created for each person when I can’t imagine the author opened the reply dialog that many times.

The salutation also makes it seem worse, yeah.
Project Member Comment 4 by, Oct 11
In the GWT UI one still needs to add each reviewer individually. Perhaps these bursts come from a non-PG user.

I will create a separate ticket for the salutation bug.
Project Member Comment 5 by, Oct 28
Status: Started
Project Member Comment 6 by, Oct 28
Status: ChangeUnderReview
Status: Submitted
Project Member Comment 8 by, Oct 30
Status: Started
Rolled back because of build failures. Standby.
Project Member Comment 9 by, Oct 31
Project Member Comment 10 by, Feb 2
Status: Released
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